„Are you still on holidays?“


After more than a year away from Europe some people were surprised I am still ‚on holidays‘. So yes, I did win the lottery that is the reason ..it is not! Nor do my parents pay for everything for me. I did exactly what you are doing at home as well, I worked.

While in Australia (on the Work & Travel Visa) I worked most of my stay there and saved a lot of money. The minimum wage I earned was $20 per hour in a country pub, add extra for after hour work (after 8 pm) and weekends.

To be honest, I need to learn a lot about budgeting as sometimes I am in a mood where I just don’t give a fuck and buy whatever I want. Walking around for 9 months in the same wardrobe doesn’t help. So, how do I save money at home and while travelling?

  • Usually, I would cook bigger amounts and store some in my freezer. Sometimes I end up eating 3 days in a row the same thing for lunch but that’s ok.
  • Cooking Vegetarian / Vegan at home; better for your health & the environment, no animals get harmed & you save money
  • Only buying what I really need and not wasting/throwing food away either
  • Whenever I want to buy new clothes I ask myself if I really need them. When I decided against it I put the money I would have to spend on it in my piggy bank
  • While we are at it, get rid of things you don’t need and try to sell them
  • Instead of going out, have drinks at home or cook with your friends
  • quit smoking
  • stop drinking (impossible for me) or stop for a few months, only drink once a month etc.
  • Use your bike as much as you can (saved me 90€ per month)
  • Budget; give yourself a fixed amount for the week; food, toiletries etc

While travelling

  • Travel during low season = hotels/hostels can be half the price
  • Organize in advance, ie bigger events like Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro 2019
  • Think about what you really need, pro you will also have less to carry
  • Compare prices
  • In some countries, its part of their culture to haggle, so do it but be careful! We don’t want to exploit the locals and save money on their cost right?
  • Try to avoid touristy restaurants as it is going to be more expensive
  • Don’t buy drinks, snacks etc at tourist attractions
  • Get yourself a LifeStraw bottle, you can refill it on the normal tab EVERYWHERE and it filters your water = you don’t have to buy water and you reduce plastic waste
  • If you want and that is your thing; work abroad (Australia, NZ, Canada, Japan, to name a few) perfect to get to know the country and earn money while doing it
  • Work in another European country (when you are European)
  • Volunteering; work a few hours a day for accommodation (check if you need a visa)

By all means, I am not saying you shouldn’t buy anything nor eat out, just that you should think a bit more about it. Some people say „they don’t have the money to travel“ but at the same time they throw away food = that’s like throwing away money. I am pretty sure that there are loads of other options to save money for a trip or while travelling and working abroad.

So yes, I am still on „holidays“ or maybe just searching for a home.



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