Farewell & Birthday weekend in Porto

I have been living in Lisbon for nearly nine months, and soon it was time to leave and go back to Brazil (“Finding my true love” – Brazil), but I have not been to Porto yet. Porto is a must-do in Portugal! Thankfully I found a friend who wanted to join me there, and weContinue reading “Farewell & Birthday weekend in Porto”

Environment – What can we as individuals do? (4)

Yes, I did still not give up on this one! Especially after all the fires in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil as well as Bolivia, fires in Indonesia and Malaysia and so so many other countries. By now we should all know that a lot of these fires were not an accident but were litContinue reading “Environment – What can we as individuals do? (4)”

Brighton – Gay Capital & Vegan Paradise

As I was spending a few days in London (London London Baby), Emily suggested that we do a day trip to Brighton as she thought that I would enjoy it. How can I say no to this? Early in the morning, we took a train and a bit more than an hour later, we arrivedContinue reading “Brighton – Gay Capital & Vegan Paradise”